Monday, 2 April 2012


The bright sun fades away
Leaving behind the night
With full moon, which I dearly wanted to come
I walk through the bank of the river
Searching in the midst of the water
The castle of mermaids
Lit up with the light of the electric ray and coral and pearl
With the hymn of the star fish and the mighty blue whale
I see the water being lulled by the breeze
With the aroma of the salt
And the beautiful purple shades of the sky
Gleaming a gleam of melancholy
Just like a velvet violet bed
Very calm and serene
Just the vast river and the velvet bed
All glistening in the moonlight
With a beautiful feeling
Star are twinkling and smiling all the way
Leaving us the shade of romance
The Prussian blue sky and the glistening water bed!
Which break open the heaven with a thunder
And make way for the angel
The river part away with a clash
And make way for the mermaids
Ha! The visions I see
How I wish to become real
I would love to be drowned into the beauty
Get lulled by this crazy dream and shades
Into the beauty of the sky and the beautiful river