Monday, 2 April 2012

Just a thought!!!!!!

Hey fellas,
As i was in the double grip of migraine and exams and other tensions. I was not able to write my poetry down and publish it. I know its not super cool or fantastic but all i know is that it's  frigging mine".. So for me its good!!!! I thank everyone who is reading my poems and feeling good about it, thanks!!!!!!!

Well through my wait to get over from the sickness and the exam tension i got account of one thing and that is "if you long to do something which is dear to your heart you wont be able to stop you from nothing", I am saying this is because though i was very tensed due to my exams I couldn't stop myself from writing and the piece I wrote, me, my friends and my family loved it!!!!!!!! Like something I wrote in one of my poem "Good things come to those who wait patiently and inspire to preserve".

You just have to trust your inner voice that sings to you and if you dance to the beat, success waits you at the end. And you have to just wait until you get to taste the sweet core of the inside, and that's where what it said come's true.

Adios, Continue reading!!!!!! Thanks
with regards, :)
Shafeeda :)