Monday, 2 April 2012


When you are there by my side
I feel like an uncrowned queen in the world
When you talk to me
I feel a chill pass through my spine
When you look me in the eye
I can feel the love flowing through our heart
When I see you smile
I could see the whole universe is around me
I could feel the melodious music
As the rhythm of love from you
I can’t quench my thirst from the love you give
Still I can’t beg for more
You bring the sunlight
I am a flower who needs its warmth
You are the honey
From which I can suck up the nectar
I desperately accept the truth of
I need you
Just look in my eye
You can feel the lust for you
Now that I wish for you to hold my hand forever
Not wanna make you run away from me dear
I need you
To live to thrive to prosper to succeed to live to love!
I am gonna be there for you
As I need you now!