Monday, 2 April 2012


Funny she might be though
She is ma friend
Boring she might get
But she is my friend
Stubborn she can get
She still is my friend
And, that is what friends are ought to be
Sharing what is in one’s mind
And laughing
Understand ones feeling
And weeping
Consoling the cracked heart
No matter how hard the situation can be
They are my friends
And that’s what friends are for
Friends are a real relief
When tangled up in a tough situation
Friends help us to keep up a bond
So strong that it’s hard to break
Friends can be like anything
Roll with the tide
Cooperation coordination unity and understanding
Leads to a strong bond of friends
Because that’s what friends are for
Friend fills our low battery
Fills it over and over again
Friends are a real relief ad treasure
Not just a Hai, Bye pals all got
But someone who rarely say Hai, or Bye!
That’s what friends are for
Some are so precious that we have to earn it
Keep every friend in your mind safe and sound
Never hold them lose
Because of the fear that they may fall
Because that’s what friends are for, Right?