Monday, 2 April 2012


First sight love only for you

Do you remember the first time we met in the woods?
On the autumn’s cold breeze, your hair scattered
And with all the autumn wonder around you
Make me to yonder bout the beauty of yours
You was so shy when I looked at you
With a faint giggle you ran away
Next day you was there when I came
In that red gown you really stood out
The time when I gave you the rose of our love
You gave me a faint kiss and took off
Ad with the rose you stood there bewildered
Even the autumn breeze giggling
And the birds singing for us
The time when I looked at you
I saw a sparkle in your eyes
Like a diamond in the rough
The sparkle that led me to light
As you being my destiny
Oh! I still remember it like yesterday
Even if its was years back
When it was just you and me
Your love made my heart hard as a rock
That will never break unless you do love!