Friday, 6 April 2012


Lifeless shade of grey memory
Sprinting joy of artistic summary
Colorful endure of harsh reality
Peaceful gay of nature formality
New era of insecurities
Verses old age of secure life


for you

Finally, I got hold on to an angel worth believing
Descended as a cupid who holds my heart
Light penetrating deep into my eyes
Asking me to get up from my fluffy dreamy bed
Hearts fluttering all around
Like a drunken school falls to your arms again
For you my love, for you. 

Monday, 2 April 2012


When you are there by my side
I feel like an uncrowned queen in the world
When you talk to me
I feel a chill pass through my spine
When you look me in the eye
I can feel the love flowing through our heart
When I see you smile
I could see the whole universe is around me
I could feel the melodious music
As the rhythm of love from you
I can’t quench my thirst from the love you give
Still I can’t beg for more
You bring the sunlight
I am a flower who needs its warmth
You are the honey
From which I can suck up the nectar
I desperately accept the truth of
I need you
Just look in my eye
You can feel the lust for you
Now that I wish for you to hold my hand forever
Not wanna make you run away from me dear
I need you
To live to thrive to prosper to succeed to live to love!
I am gonna be there for you
As I need you now!


Funny she might be though
She is ma friend
Boring she might get
But she is my friend
Stubborn she can get
She still is my friend
And, that is what friends are ought to be
Sharing what is in one’s mind
And laughing
Understand ones feeling
And weeping
Consoling the cracked heart
No matter how hard the situation can be
They are my friends
And that’s what friends are for
Friends are a real relief
When tangled up in a tough situation
Friends help us to keep up a bond
So strong that it’s hard to break
Friends can be like anything
Roll with the tide
Cooperation coordination unity and understanding
Leads to a strong bond of friends
Because that’s what friends are for
Friend fills our low battery
Fills it over and over again
Friends are a real relief ad treasure
Not just a Hai, Bye pals all got
But someone who rarely say Hai, or Bye!
That’s what friends are for
Some are so precious that we have to earn it
Keep every friend in your mind safe and sound
Never hold them lose
Because of the fear that they may fall
Because that’s what friends are for, Right?


The bright sun fades away
Leaving behind the night
With full moon, which I dearly wanted to come
I walk through the bank of the river
Searching in the midst of the water
The castle of mermaids
Lit up with the light of the electric ray and coral and pearl
With the hymn of the star fish and the mighty blue whale
I see the water being lulled by the breeze
With the aroma of the salt
And the beautiful purple shades of the sky
Gleaming a gleam of melancholy
Just like a velvet violet bed
Very calm and serene
Just the vast river and the velvet bed
All glistening in the moonlight
With a beautiful feeling
Star are twinkling and smiling all the way
Leaving us the shade of romance
The Prussian blue sky and the glistening water bed!
Which break open the heaven with a thunder
And make way for the angel
The river part away with a clash
And make way for the mermaids
Ha! The visions I see
How I wish to become real
I would love to be drowned into the beauty
Get lulled by this crazy dream and shades
Into the beauty of the sky and the beautiful river


First sight love only for you

Do you remember the first time we met in the woods?
On the autumn’s cold breeze, your hair scattered
And with all the autumn wonder around you
Make me to yonder bout the beauty of yours
You was so shy when I looked at you
With a faint giggle you ran away
Next day you was there when I came
In that red gown you really stood out
The time when I gave you the rose of our love
You gave me a faint kiss and took off
Ad with the rose you stood there bewildered
Even the autumn breeze giggling
And the birds singing for us
The time when I looked at you
I saw a sparkle in your eyes
Like a diamond in the rough
The sparkle that led me to light
As you being my destiny
Oh! I still remember it like yesterday
Even if its was years back
When it was just you and me
Your love made my heart hard as a rock
That will never break unless you do love!

Just a thought!!!!!!

Hey fellas,
As i was in the double grip of migraine and exams and other tensions. I was not able to write my poetry down and publish it. I know its not super cool or fantastic but all i know is that it's  frigging mine".. So for me its good!!!! I thank everyone who is reading my poems and feeling good about it, thanks!!!!!!!

Well through my wait to get over from the sickness and the exam tension i got account of one thing and that is "if you long to do something which is dear to your heart you wont be able to stop you from nothing", I am saying this is because though i was very tensed due to my exams I couldn't stop myself from writing and the piece I wrote, me, my friends and my family loved it!!!!!!!! Like something I wrote in one of my poem "Good things come to those who wait patiently and inspire to preserve".

You just have to trust your inner voice that sings to you and if you dance to the beat, success waits you at the end. And you have to just wait until you get to taste the sweet core of the inside, and that's where what it said come's true.

Adios, Continue reading!!!!!! Thanks
with regards, :)
Shafeeda :)