Sunday, 18 December 2011


Wish you good luck!

Don’t forget my number
Don’t forget to call me
Don’t forget my address
Don’t forget to come home.
I wish you good luck
For the rest of your life
Don’t hesitate to fall in love again
Cus you know that I think better for you
A tear dwells up in my eyes
For not able to see you again
I look out each day
To see you coming back
But no you have really walked away
The last thing you said
I remember it Cus you pinned it so hard
Never can forget it in my life
But yet only wish you good luck
Good luck
Cus I don’t want you to see that am crying for you
My heart breaks apart wishing nothing of this would have happened
But as time goes running by
What ought not to happen have happened right
I feel so bad to see you walk away
With my heart n my soul
You know this right
I only wish you good luck
You lead on with your life
Cus I only wish you good luck
Don’t forget to tell me
If you got someone to hook up with
Let me the first one
Ease out of my pain
I need to know it so bad
How’s life going out for you?
Cus am suffering here so badly
I need a break
Please ease out of my pain
I need to hear that you are safe
My eyes are waiting for a glimpse of you
My ears are waiting to hear from you
My soul is waiting for your touch
I wont say come back
I won’t insist
You walk away of your own
Feel my heart beat
Race up to the rhythm
Follow your instincts
This is your life
Do what you want to do
Believe your own heart
Don’t get indulged in fake talks
Live up to your own marks
Cus this is your one life
I only wish you good luck
You know that right
So true and fair
I shall pray for you
To make your life without pain
I love you more
Than myself to be
That’s why I say
Wish you good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BEAUTY OF YOU An article by shafeeda

Believe in the real beauty that you got

                 They say you look beautiful and stunningly gorgeous. They try to talk bout your creative beauty masked out by your inner self. You make your self an icon and you are then filled with hot news and gossips. You are filled with shutters and flickers of flash lights. Fills the cover page with your self and your talk. Try to get the meaning of what you say. Are you being sincere to yourself? Look up to the picture that captured lots of eyes on it. Look properly, Do you really see the real you?

           When they point you from others, you get blushed. They here refer to the people who help you to choose who you are now from what you really are.

          All of them are helping you to destroy the real beauty of yourself and try to create a beauty that shall help others to enjoy. The beauty rests in your heart. Your heart really shows what you are and what you should be. But the fake talks makes you forget there is a real beauty inside of you who struggles all the while to show out the fake talkers who you really are.
But you gets so indulged in the happiness you get that you forget your inner voice.
           In the present condition everyone falls for the fake rumors and talks which make everyone run wild to make our self what others have gained by showing the real beauty of theirs. What we forget is that they have gained what they are now is by listening to their inner voice. And we are blindly following their path without knowing the consequences.

         Am not trying to criticizing anyone’s freedom. I am trying to point out everyone’s mistakes including me commits. When done once it’s a mistake but doing it over and over again means it’s not a mistake but without knowing the consequences, we blindly follow the road that is not meant for us. In these present conditions the most vulnerable lives are the teenagers. They get attracted to each and every thing they find attractive. As I am being a teenager I understand how the thought of others like me shall wanders off.

      I know a lot of my friends who tries to be like others because they are not happy with what they are. I want to say is that you may be late to realize the real talents that you’ve got in you. That hides beneath thick sheets of shyness. All you have got to do is push the wraps aside and make yourself wake up and let the rhythm flow out. You don’t have to run wild to search your inner voice.

     The real talent and beauty you got is as unique as you but in its own ways. You don’t have to dream of being like others because they can never be like you; same like that you can never be like them. Just hear your heart what does it say to you. Look up into the mirror, what does it show to you. Flow accordingly so that you can reach up to your success. The world’s waiting for new theme and icon to come. Everyone with talents are warmly welcomed. People really starts noticing you when they see a real icon beneath your mask of wisdom.

            Speaking of which, the beauty is something that you should force out of you and not by others brushing it upon you. Clear your mind which is filled with fancy dreams and ideas. Start to live in a practical side of life to taste the new taste of life by experiencing it, and not by tasting it in dreams and being unhappy when to step down to the lively world. First search inside of you where you are good and when you notices it then it’s easy for others to notice you. All that you got to do is wait a little longer to hear and listen to the inner voice.

      My intention by saying this that don’t try to imitate and try to be what others are but, wait a little longer and make yourself come out and whoever you want to be will gap bewildered  on seeing you. Carve yourself out the real beauty that you got. Because that’s the power you’ve got in you. And make the world to see the real you, the real beauty of you. That’s the beauty of it.


Love is really blind
                      He was sitting by the window pane gloomily staring into the road which was leaded before his house to eternity, he felt. Day dreaming the wonderful past he had with his beautiful girl. She was always there for him. How he used to enjoy his beautiful precious presence. She was his beautiful brilliant gift left out by god he felt.

   He was going on thinking about her, in the corner of his eyes a hot bead of tear, No a bead of love so warm rolled out through his sweet pale cheeks. He couldn’t believe his own eyes. The most active, fresh, full of energy ready to pull others legs, and do  pranks just to push time off and teasing girls because they cried always. He was the villain of his town. Everyone was afraid of him and always ready for him. But still no one really liked if he was not there. If he was not there, the people felt like the town is sleeping.

                 But, now he was sitting in his room corner shedding tear drop like rain, and crumble up like a paper in a corner. He couldn’t bear these feelings. Why did all this happen? He though”why did God presented me an angel and takes her away so soon…….Why?

                                         (3 Days before)

                 Late in the night after a beautiful romantic movie from her selection. Standing by the lamp post that lit so bright, they were staring at each other so lovingly so romantically. She placed her hands on his and stood there locked by their eyes and hands crossed so tightly they stood there so beautifully. Their eyes shone so brightly and their heart was steaming up by their love.

                Kissing each other so lovingly. Their heart flowed out their emotion. The emotion of gay and excitement. They wished that the night would not move out. And they wanted the night to be like this forever

                But for a minute, she stepped back from him and raised her hands and looked up and was about to say something…..................He couldn’t remember anything. He opened his eyes slowly and got surprised to see himself in a hospital. He gained back his spirit and got up. By then the nurse showed up and he asked where his lover is. The women in white answered:” she’s gone pal”……….

              He sat there thinking so hard that “How can she die so easily, No there must be some other problem”, and so he went back to the hospital authority to check out what had happened and he was shocked to hear that she was a patient of cancer and not the accident have killed her but really the cancer ate the life out her.

              Now sitting by the window panes staring to eternity remember each and every moment spent with her. And he remembers the time with a hard lump on his throat the time he ignored her. So many times when she asked for him to spend some time with him, he refused with many excuses because he had his game to play. But still she was there for him waiting patiently for his return because she knew that he was crazy for football. She was an guarding angel who really took care of him. And she was the one who brought changes in him. Whatever he now is by the blessings of his guarding angel, he realized it now………..

             He now believed the inner meaning of the words” LOVE IS BLIND”. He dint realize it when she was there by his side but now his heart carves for her presence, her touch, her sweet innocent loving words, for her kiss.

Love your precious once when they are here for you………………



Life wouldn’t have much more problematic than ever
The way am now, is like it would last never
How my life changed its path is a mystery
The road that I tend to chose was a mystery
My life and my misery
Is like am all scurry
Why did my life changed like this
For giving an answer am all out of bliss
Life jumped all over like a roller coaster ride
And my life was filled with lot of empty space so wide
Feeling of being  sad every time in my life
Had turned out my life a chaos rife
Chaos refers to the suffering and miseries I go through
But no am not yet ready to throw
My best chances to get it right
Even thought I got to fight
With the best way I have got
The best war I’ve fought
And the end path is clear
Since my heart is so sincere
Winning is always in the side of the truth
My miseries are in the edge for the sooth
As I’ve bestowed myself with god
Made me a gall
And helped me to wipe out my miseries
Erase of the scurry
I feel free without tons of weight on my chest
And made me help to conquer the best
My miseries, my tension, my worries
Are like milk with cakes and cookies
Which melt in my mouth with ease
And my taste buds that agrees
I feel more free and confident now
That everyone exclaims me with a wow!
This is what I wanted to be
And god has let me able to see
Without him I wouldn’t have tasted this leisure
And would have died with seizure
Am blessed with greatness of my god
Without him I would have end up worries 
My miseries that ended with a breeze
With my god’s great worth and ease
Now happiness