Thursday, 8 December 2011


Standing alone in the rain

I can hear the rumbling sound
Lightning streaming by my side
Drop by drop little beads of rain
Pouring down so slowly
Oh... oh...Oh…
Please come down oh rain…..
I want to be drenched by the water
Cus I don’t want the world to se that am crying…
My heart is weeping
And my eyes got dried up
No more beads of tear
To pour out from my heart….
So dim like an illusion
I can see your face
Brightening and fading off
As the lighting streak comes and goes…….
I can see your fa-ace...
Why did this happen I don’t know-
It’s sort of a mystery…………
I try to forget your face
But every time I am sad
I wanna see your face...
I don’t want the world to see am crying
But I want you to be my side and wipe of my tears
Cus you know it better ……
With all my heart I wish we could never have broke up
Cus once upon a time in a rain like this we met
With a wink on your face and a sparkle on your eyes
I knew you want to come closer
The rain remembers me the time-
Those beautiful memories in my heart
Like a wound that would never heal
You stay awake in my mind heart and soul………
I wish now we shouldn’t have met.
Cus u leaves you with me as you walk away….
And I don’t want your heart in me without you…..
As long as you stay awake in my heart
You leave your memories in me…..
And as long as you are here
The rain wouldn’t stop pouring out
It’s getting colder and colder
Frozen inside of me ……
I want to get out of the lock
You have safely secured me
Cus every moment passes I die without you……….
And the cut becomes deeper and deeper
My heart mourns for you
As the rain thunders down
I wish to swim down to the fresh and lively soil
To regain my strength without you……
In a beautiful rain kike this
I wish to be with you eternally……..