Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Naughty Nephew-ZIDU

The day he was born!!!!!!

When he was about to be 40 days.....
When he was just 40 days:)
                        When he is around us its like I've got a whole lot of people around me to have fun with.He is a complete relief that I've got when me and my mom fights asking me to study.And I fighting back to ignore her.Always studying can also make anyone less interesting and get bored to enjoy other activities.To increase every knowledge we got to find time for everything.And the fun time I've got is when am with him.Not watching T.V or surfing through the net,But him.
                     He is a power pack of energy that never gets tired.He get all the more active when me and ma mom is around him.From a very young age itself he was fond of me and ma mom.When he is active and energetic time seems to run wild.
                    well one thing I understood is that children are really a gift of nature to help us survive  even when we are sad,unhappy,and are dull and bored at some times.Small children are a gift  of god and I've got one as ma nephew - ma naughty ZIDU  ma cute little angel..........

When he was 1 year old.
Now he is i year and a half!!! He is growing becoming naughtier an naughtier!!!!!!!!!!!