Sunday, 18 December 2011



Life wouldn’t have much more problematic than ever
The way am now, is like it would last never
How my life changed its path is a mystery
The road that I tend to chose was a mystery
My life and my misery
Is like am all scurry
Why did my life changed like this
For giving an answer am all out of bliss
Life jumped all over like a roller coaster ride
And my life was filled with lot of empty space so wide
Feeling of being  sad every time in my life
Had turned out my life a chaos rife
Chaos refers to the suffering and miseries I go through
But no am not yet ready to throw
My best chances to get it right
Even thought I got to fight
With the best way I have got
The best war I’ve fought
And the end path is clear
Since my heart is so sincere
Winning is always in the side of the truth
My miseries are in the edge for the sooth
As I’ve bestowed myself with god
Made me a gall
And helped me to wipe out my miseries
Erase of the scurry
I feel free without tons of weight on my chest
And made me help to conquer the best
My miseries, my tension, my worries
Are like milk with cakes and cookies
Which melt in my mouth with ease
And my taste buds that agrees
I feel more free and confident now
That everyone exclaims me with a wow!
This is what I wanted to be
And god has let me able to see
Without him I wouldn’t have tasted this leisure
And would have died with seizure
Am blessed with greatness of my god
Without him I would have end up worries 
My miseries that ended with a breeze
With my god’s great worth and ease
Now happiness