Sunday, 18 December 2011


Love is really blind
                      He was sitting by the window pane gloomily staring into the road which was leaded before his house to eternity, he felt. Day dreaming the wonderful past he had with his beautiful girl. She was always there for him. How he used to enjoy his beautiful precious presence. She was his beautiful brilliant gift left out by god he felt.

   He was going on thinking about her, in the corner of his eyes a hot bead of tear, No a bead of love so warm rolled out through his sweet pale cheeks. He couldn’t believe his own eyes. The most active, fresh, full of energy ready to pull others legs, and do  pranks just to push time off and teasing girls because they cried always. He was the villain of his town. Everyone was afraid of him and always ready for him. But still no one really liked if he was not there. If he was not there, the people felt like the town is sleeping.

                 But, now he was sitting in his room corner shedding tear drop like rain, and crumble up like a paper in a corner. He couldn’t bear these feelings. Why did all this happen? He though”why did God presented me an angel and takes her away so soon…….Why?

                                         (3 Days before)

                 Late in the night after a beautiful romantic movie from her selection. Standing by the lamp post that lit so bright, they were staring at each other so lovingly so romantically. She placed her hands on his and stood there locked by their eyes and hands crossed so tightly they stood there so beautifully. Their eyes shone so brightly and their heart was steaming up by their love.

                Kissing each other so lovingly. Their heart flowed out their emotion. The emotion of gay and excitement. They wished that the night would not move out. And they wanted the night to be like this forever

                But for a minute, she stepped back from him and raised her hands and looked up and was about to say something…..................He couldn’t remember anything. He opened his eyes slowly and got surprised to see himself in a hospital. He gained back his spirit and got up. By then the nurse showed up and he asked where his lover is. The women in white answered:” she’s gone pal”……….

              He sat there thinking so hard that “How can she die so easily, No there must be some other problem”, and so he went back to the hospital authority to check out what had happened and he was shocked to hear that she was a patient of cancer and not the accident have killed her but really the cancer ate the life out her.

              Now sitting by the window panes staring to eternity remember each and every moment spent with her. And he remembers the time with a hard lump on his throat the time he ignored her. So many times when she asked for him to spend some time with him, he refused with many excuses because he had his game to play. But still she was there for him waiting patiently for his return because she knew that he was crazy for football. She was an guarding angel who really took care of him. And she was the one who brought changes in him. Whatever he now is by the blessings of his guarding angel, he realized it now………..

             He now believed the inner meaning of the words” LOVE IS BLIND”. He dint realize it when she was there by his side but now his heart carves for her presence, her touch, her sweet innocent loving words, for her kiss.

Love your precious once when they are here for you………………