Thursday, 8 December 2011


Want to be free......

When I hear you cry
I knew that I was not the only one who cried
The suffering that we go through...
And For the first time I realized’
In my heart that I am not as free as I used to be...
I cry cry cry …
Till my eyes goes blind,
Cus I don’t feel like anything else
How happy I used to be
Now I couldn’t even define happy
Cus now I feel that it’s not even in me………
As time goes byI feel like am suffering
As it does not have an ending
I used to be like a free bird
Without tension worries and sadness
Now all I have is tension worry and fear……..
All I want is to be free again
Like I used to be….
As a caged bird let lose into wild
But now am like
Caged upon in the world of sorrow
Cannot fly away until let lose
I want to be free
I ask to my almighty
Just to make me free as I was before
Cus now all I care is to be free
Like always always and always …
I want to be free forever from the burdens of life
And I want to be free
All I want is to be free
Oh, Free………