Sunday, 18 December 2011


Wish you good luck!

Don’t forget my number
Don’t forget to call me
Don’t forget my address
Don’t forget to come home.
I wish you good luck
For the rest of your life
Don’t hesitate to fall in love again
Cus you know that I think better for you
A tear dwells up in my eyes
For not able to see you again
I look out each day
To see you coming back
But no you have really walked away
The last thing you said
I remember it Cus you pinned it so hard
Never can forget it in my life
But yet only wish you good luck
Good luck
Cus I don’t want you to see that am crying for you
My heart breaks apart wishing nothing of this would have happened
But as time goes running by
What ought not to happen have happened right
I feel so bad to see you walk away
With my heart n my soul
You know this right
I only wish you good luck
You lead on with your life
Cus I only wish you good luck
Don’t forget to tell me
If you got someone to hook up with
Let me the first one
Ease out of my pain
I need to know it so bad
How’s life going out for you?
Cus am suffering here so badly
I need a break
Please ease out of my pain
I need to hear that you are safe
My eyes are waiting for a glimpse of you
My ears are waiting to hear from you
My soul is waiting for your touch
I wont say come back
I won’t insist
You walk away of your own
Feel my heart beat
Race up to the rhythm
Follow your instincts
This is your life
Do what you want to do
Believe your own heart
Don’t get indulged in fake talks
Live up to your own marks
Cus this is your one life
I only wish you good luck
You know that right
So true and fair
I shall pray for you
To make your life without pain
I love you more
Than myself to be
That’s why I say
Wish you good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!