Thursday, 8 December 2011


Beggar girl

Every morning I wake up
And step out into the sun
A lovely lonely figure wanders
Here and there without any hope
She got round clumsy hunger stricken eyes
Fades off the color in her eyes
As the water dries out
The sweet lean hands
Straightens out like a stick
That’s pokes others
To get a quarter penny
To get a one day meal
That shall extend a second of her life
A pale body with a faded skin
And yet can be counted
Hidden beneath her pale skin
Covered up in torn off rags
This provides her warmth for
The young wan and feeble
Body of hers…….
Some throw a coin to her
Like dumping off a damn paper!
And some thinks she is invisible
Hits her and walk off
Never mind to say sorry
Yet, the sweet figure
Minds no words of crooks
That passes off dirty comments
Speaks nothing, never try to open her mouth
Like she is deaf and dumb
I don’t feel like saying it
Never curses someone for pushing her away
A wan innocent body
Just like an angel wanders off silently
I felt,
She keeps on hoping
I guess by seeing her glance
That hope makes her hopeless again
Rests under a borrow
From the hot sun that shines so bright
No words come out of her
Makes her history silent as a grave
That got frozen beneath the ashes of times
Where did she come from?
I wonder,
How did she reach here?
I wish to know bout her more
It’s like it remain as long lost mystery
That’s yet to be solved
None seems to be bothered
Cus she got nothing to do with the world
Tears drops running through her eyes
The tear drop sings a sad solitary song in her
She keeps on begging for more
But still try to keep away from others ways
That’s what I call manners
She did that cus she don’t want to disturb
By her sweet voice to come
She wanders off under the screeching sun
Bare eyes open to the sun
Wonders what it are on others eyes
That’s black and shines so bright
She wanders off again begs for more
As a beggar girl, with sorrows and pain
A girls of her age is sure
To be a girl full of gay and fun
A mere beggar girl in the midst of us
Left unnoticed…………