Thursday, 8 December 2011


Seeking answers

Every night I stare at the sky blindly
Leaving me in to the world of thoughts
I always wonder if I could be a star
What shall happen to me?
Will I be the same me
Or will I be a different me?
I would love to know the answer
To my questions
I have in me……..
Every time I wonder
Why faith have chosen me
The road which is tough to travel
But still I have to go
Cus I don’t find any other way
To take my turn………
I stay gaped looking out. Because,
All these time I have only seen straight road
In front of me
But as I looked back to the path I came from
Every thing changed……
My straight road turned to be a tough curved road
Now the questions I have in me
The answers are difficult to get
But though the question in me is clear
The answer I want is a blur
As I stare deep into the sky
I go deeper and deeper
The deeper I go the difficult it is……
But I want is answers to my questions
Which I have been asking myself recently
The answers which I want may not be meaningless
But still they are the answers to my questions
Where the questions are crystal clear……
Cus that answer prefer to be my life
The question I ask myself is bout my life
And so the answers are important to me
So I seek my answer in the midst of the sky
Where I shall get my answers…