Thursday, 8 December 2011


I want you
I turned around, but u were gone
I walked straight with all of your memories
I dint know how I could walk away without you
I felt incomplete without you……..
The seasons changing……..
Holidays passing by
I feel bad for not having you to finish of my days
I feel incomplete without you…………
And all I need is you……
I knew I couldn’t walk away without you
But all I could do is just keep on going
I didn’t know where I was heading
Because I feel incomplete without you
And all I need is you…………..
Even if you were there
Don’t make me turn behind
Cus u know it better that I shall come running
To cross my hand to finish of the emptiness
And cuddle with you for your warmth and pleasure…
Because all I need is you
Forever and ever and ever……
I dint have a single bead of tear to drop
Cus I can’t cry anymore
I cried a lot when leaving you behind
Tearing up my heart
Cus it just don’t feel right
And I wish for only one thing in life
Now and forever eternally
For having you all the time by my side
Cus all I want is you……….